Event Planning

At TKVR Productions, the details are what take an event from good to great. Let us handle everything. From the venue location to creative tech implementation and experiential swag, we’ve got your back. We love the details and work hard to make sure your event matches your vision and budget. Ready to get started?

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Event Lobby Staging

Event Management

From initial invites and event websites, the attendee experience is of the utmost importance. Our seasoned team will handle the minute to minute logistics while you and your guests enjoy the results of your hard work and planning. Ready to get started?

Audio, Video, Lighting, Staging & Production

The stage setup, lighting, audio, beauty reel–we live for it! This is where precise timing and creative design unite to produce a seemingly effortless and successful event experience. Each venue is unique. Whether your event is indoors or outdoors, our team of professionals tailors every detail to the distinctive space so each event looks and sounds its best. Ready to get started?

Staging and lighting at a conference
Scenic Design example at a conference

Scenic Design and Experiential Elements

Set and stage design may seem like a small piece of the event planning puzzle, but it dictates the mood of your entire event. Attendees immediately have an emotional reaction to the stimulation around them. Our creative team works tirelessly to make sure every detail from stage props to attendee swag and interaction pieces are carefully selected to promote positive and consistent attendee engagement. Ready to get started?

Creative & Content Design

It may be hard for some to make presentations and content exciting, but not TKVR Productions. Attendee engagement is critical. People are like racoons; show them something shiny and they’re hooked. We can take your content from dull to shiny in no time, keeping your audience excited and captivated. Ready to get started?

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